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Fluoride in the water – new study from India

March 5, 2012

I was reading about the new study in Indian where 12 rats were tested.  6 rats received 20 PPM fluoride and 6 rats received tap water for 6 weeks.    the fluoride rats developed lesions in their brains.


First-12 rats is not enough.   This should be looked at here in America with 10,000 rats.   Two, we are not told what was in the “tap water”.   Three, the WHO has recommended that 0.5 – 1 ppm is safe in drinking water to prevent cavities.    Can you really compare overdosing 6 rats for 60 days with our drinking a low level of fluoride for several years.    Although this study does not prove we should remove fluoride from our water post haste, it does make one think that a study using thousands of rats over several years receiving 1ppm versus rats with water without fluoride (as opposed to “tap water”-who knows what that is) would be on the agenda somewhere in this country…and very soon.   All of us are concerned about dementia and we would not like to think that our drinking water is adding to it.   But the study in India does not prove that it does, it merely brings up a good point–a full scale study with the doses that we drink needs to be done


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